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Currently IKI provides a trial operation of the VEGA-GEOGLAM.
Registration is available only for organizations (members) of the EC FP7 SIGMA project consortium.

Accessing or using the VEGA-GEOGLAM you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.
You must read and accept the provisions of this agreement before clicking "I accept" below.

Membership Eligibility

General provisions

The VEGA-GEOGLAM web-based analysis system is developed by Russian Academy of Sciences Space Research Institute in the framework of EC FP7 SIGMA project.

The VEGA-GEOGLAM is aimed at providing tools for analysis of the Earth observation data, results of their processing and other related information with particular focus at SIGMA-JCAM test sites for agricultural monitoring R&D activities. The VEGA-GEOGLAM is implemented using the concept of geospatial information web-service gathering satellite and other geographic information from different sources and providing access to users worldwide.

Accepting this Agreement you assume the obligation to register in the information system VEGA-GEOGLAM:
  1. provide your name and organization you work for, and email address;
  2. enter a login name and password;
  3. not to provide access to your account to any persons.
You also agree that VEGA-GEOGLAM will use your e-mail for notifications.

Messages and information sharing

Using VEGA-GEOGLAM you agree to the terms of data collection, storage, use and transfer.

VEGA-GEOGLAM respects the intellectual property rights of other persons. Therefore, we require that information did not violate the intellectual property rights and other rights of the third parties.

You should identify JECAM test sites for your work and then inform VEGA-GEOGLAM administrator. When you enter any information on the selected site, other users can view, copy and use it in their work. You also have the ability to work with information entered by other users.

If you want to send us messages, you can do it through the website by e-mail:


The present Agreement is signed for the period of the project EC FP7 SIGMA implementation, but may be terminated by the request. In case of termination, you lose the right to access and use of VEGA GEOGLAM. The rights of other users to utilise information you entered before the termination are remain in force.