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User Guide - VEGA-GEOGLAM Global agricultural monitoring service


Module 1VEGA-GEOGLAM portal concept & agricultural applications
Lesson 1.1Get to know VEGA (Vega goals and key features, solutions for agricultural monitoring, system requirements)
Lesson 1.2Getting started (Registration and login, the interface and display settings)
Module 2RS data access and analysis tools
Lesson 2.1Data Archive (Satellite data, agricultural and land use thematic maps, fire and weather data)
Lesson 2.2Field creation (Field creation and Field Passport editing)
Module 3NDVI time-series analysis tools for crop status monitoring
Lesson 3.1NDVI time-series (Crop condition assessment with NDVI and meteorological data time-series and statistical multiannual norm)
Lesson 3.2Regional level monitoring (Regional level crop status NDVI derived maps )
Module 4Image classification tools for land-use mapping
Lesson 4.1VEGA Classification tools (Supervised and unsupervised classification)

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